Sex Toy Review: Tenga Egg Masturbator (Silky, Twister, Stepper)

Product: Tenga Egg Series - Regular Strength

Price: Ranging from SG$7.04 on CherryAffairs to SG$10.90 on Lazada; prices listed exclude delivery fees

Reviewed by: Contributors M (Stepper), E (Twister), C & J (Silky)

What are Tenga Eggs?

Tenga Eggs are silicone masturbation sleeves designed to stimulate the penis. These small eggs contain a super-stretchable elastomer sleeve that suits most penis sizes when erect. They come in over 20 different designs and are largely categorised into “Regular Strength” and “Strong Sensations”. The difference between these two is that eggs in the latter group are made of slightly stiffer and tougher silicone material to give a more intense sensation.

Above: Full collection of Tenga Eggs, including collaboration and limited edition models

In this article, we will be reviewing 3 designs from Tenga’s Regular Strength collection: the Silky, Twister and Stepper.

The unboxing

Each egg comes with a packet of lubricant, which you pour into the egg before using it.

Product functions and quality

M: Right out of the gate, the packaging is simple. It’s shaped exactly like an egg, wrapped in a plastic film that has the Stepper pattern printed all over it so you can anticipate what type of sensation you’ll be getting. 

Above: Tenga Egg Stepper looking completely at home in the refrigerator’s egg rack

Unwrapping the film leaves you with a white plastic egg casing that looks very discreet - perfect for those of us who don’t live alone. The plastic egg is easy to open up, and what greets you is the white silicone masturbator sleeve with a “test-tube” like container containing a packet of lubricant to use for your one night stand with yourself.

Touching the Tenga Egg Stepper, the first thing I noticed was the powder around it. It’s like the powder you find in a box of latex gloves, and I think Tenga added this to lubricate the toy more so that it’s easier to use when you’re ready to play. The problem comes when it gets all over your hands and if you still haven’t found the perfect visual and/or aural aid to awaken your member, the powder can get over your keyboard, mouse or phone. So be sure to find the perfect video/movie/picture of your ex before you touch the Tenga Egg Stepper if you don’t want to have to wipe down your devices.


C & J: When we received the Silky model, we couldn’t resist doing a little research beforehand so we knew what we were getting into. It’s supposedly one of the milder models in the Tenga collection, but we went into this with zero expectations and an open mind.

For first impressions, we absolutely love how discreet it looks! Initially we were quite concerned about leaving it around because it might look pretty suspicious to other family members, but it doesn’t attract attention at all because of how plain-looking it is. The packet of lube is also a nice touch and just enough for one session with the egg.


E: I’ve used other Tenga egg models before so I kind of knew what to expect, but this is my first time trying the Twister. It’s much softer than the “Hard Boiled” range, but other than that everything else seems to be the same.

Product experience

M: Using the toy is quite an intuitive process, but there are visual instructions printed on the packet of lubricant to guide the less-initiated. The packet opened like a ketchup sachet and the amount of lube provided was adequate which I appreciated because the last thing I wanted was a chafed brother.

Above: Interior design of the Tenga Egg Stepper

Having used male masturbators before, I knew what to expect when I inserted myself for the first stroke. The silicone material was extremely stretchy and easily contained my Asian friend. It’s supposedly made to be able to handle our angmoh compatriots so I wasn’t worried about breaking it. The Stepper’s design features thin curved ridges going in opposite directions and the resulting sensation felt pretty good. But to be fair, I would have to try the other Tenga Egg patterns to be able to differentiate what the Stepper pattern was doing for me. Compared to a full masturbator sleeve, the sensation wasn’t as tight with the Tenga Egg but it still felt good overall.

What impressed me was when I climaxed, the Tenga Egg created an air pocket much like a condom which kept my DNA from escaping, allowing for an easier and more efficient clean-up.


Above: Interior design of the Tenga Egg Silky

C & J: It feels SO soft! It’s a little like a bouncy jelly, and we were slightly concerned that it would break or burst if we stretched it too hard.


As per the instructions, we poured the lubricant into the egg’s opening before placing it over the penis. The sensation was pretty interesting and novel at first, but it’s better to vary the movements and stroking to keep things building as the sensation from the egg itself isn’t intense enough to climax. You can also choose to use it only as part of foreplay and switching to doing something else after a while, which was what we did ;)


Above: Interior design of the Tenga Egg Twister

E: The Twister’s design features a series of spiraling ridges which I guess inspired the name for this egg. It actually feels rather...average as compared to other eggs such as the Spider or Clicker. Nevertheless, you can still get comfortable and explore different ways of stroking with the egg to find what gives you the best sensations.

For those who wonder if it’s okay to reuse the egg for a few more sessions if you clean it with a sex toy cleaner, I’d say to proceed at your own risk. Tenga lists the eggs under its ‘Disposable Items’ range for a reason, so I personally wouldn’t reuse them. Besides, part of the charm of these eggs are its convenience and ease of disposal after your steamy session!

The PLAY factor

M: I think that it’s a fun, cheeky gift to get the brothers in my clique, and I actually bought a whole egg-carton worth of Tenga Eggs to distribute at last year’s Christmas party!


C & J: When we are using it together as part of our foreplay, it adds a fun twist to our regular routine. But I (J) can imagine myself buying a tray of these as a surprise for him (C) in the future because it’s relatively affordable and convenient enough for him to use them when I’m not around.


E: Here’s what I like about these eggs: due to their compact size and stretchiness, you can do things with them that you can’t do with a regular stroker or a toy that has a hard case. By switching up the movements and pressure points using your palm and fingers, you can enjoy an even wider range of sensations. Essentially, the sky’s the limit in terms of the kinds of sensations you can get just by giving the egg a good workout.


M: What immediately sets the Tenga Eggs apart from other male sex toys on the market for me is the price. Starting at $7 for one, it’s affordable even for those who may not have any experience playing with a sex toy.


E: Some of my friends dub the eggs as “luxury wanks” because it is a one-time use item, but you can maximise your savings by getting their pack of 6 (which comes in a really cute egg carton packaging) in various combinations.

Tenga Egg Variety packs from left to right: New Standard, 6 Colors, Hard Boiled

If you want to purchase these eggs online, I recommend getting a pack of 6 instead of individual items! They don’t take up much space and you can indulge in some self-love with an egg once in a while.

Final thoughts

M: Overall the Tenga Egg Stepper is a great and easily-accessible toy for singles as well as couples. For my fellow gentlemen out there, we should consider the Tenga Egg products as a convenient toy to elevate our me-time when we are feeling in the mood, rather than compare them to other more premium male masturbators on the market. :)


Above: Tenga Egg Silky unwrapped, on the dressing table

C & J: It was a fun experience for the both of us since it’s the first time we’re using such toys. For couples who want to add a little spice in the bedroom but aren’t sure where to start or are looking for a more affordable option, the Tenga eggs are a great choice because it’s a one-time use item.

We aren’t the biggest users of sex toys, but at such a price and convenience, we will consider getting these eggs to spice up our bedroom routine once in a while! The best part is really how discreet the design is - even if you do leave it out in your room, it’s unlikely to raise any eyebrows from the parents or younger children.


E: I’m a HUGE fan of these eggs and the Twister is yet another enjoyable design by the people at Tenga. At this price point, it's a pretty good bargain considering the quality and selection available. I highly recommend these eggs to those who want a change in experience to the usual lube + right-hand combo ;)

Overall Playability Rating*:

*The Playability Rating is determined by how much “play” we can get out of the product. This includes the ways in which it is intended to be used, any other variations or scenarios to use the toy in, as well as its quality and affordability.

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