Special Condoms You Need To Try

Besides the ultra-thin condoms available on the market, did you know there are crazier and whackier designs/alternatives? With Valentine’s Day coming up, we hope you’ll be putting this new knowledge to good use!

Here’s a list of the most interesting ones we have seen so far:

1. Glow-in-the-dark

Yes seriously, there are condoms that GLOW in the dark!! 🤯 


No more reaching for the light switch to find your condoms! These condoms glow best after you’ve “charged them” for a period of time and they glow the brightest in total darkness (duh). We highly recommend this for anyone who’s looking to switch up those awkward moments to fun and intimate ones! 

There are also several ways to charge these condoms but we’ve done the work for you here!

Interested? These condoms are the only FDA-approved glow condoms safe for you to maximise your pleasure. Available in our Alexander and Charlotte packs!

2. Lambskin

You read that right: Lambskin condoms were the OG condoms back in the days. Records of these condoms date as far back to the Roman Empire! Made from the intestinal membrane of a lamb, these condoms are an all-natural animal product. 

They were preferred as it seemed to provide a more natural feel and a thinner texture than other condom types.

So why did we move on to natural rubber latex condoms instead? Well firstly, lambskin condoms tend to be the most expensive.1 This is because they're made from an animal product and cannot be mass-produced in the same way we make latex condoms. 

Secondly and most importantly, lambskin condoms DOES NOT offer you protection from STDs or HIV.


It’s probably a good idea to use lambskin condoms only if you're in a committed relationship and know that neither your partner nor you have any of these infections.

When used correctly, lambskin condoms, like regular condoms, are 98% percent effective in preventing pregnancies because the material is braided to keep out sperm but not small enough to keep out fluids that transmit STIs.2

3. Flavoured 


The smell of latex condoms is no perfume and the taste isn’t ideal, that’s why we’re more than happy to know that there are yummy flavoured condoms out there!  

Flavoured condoms are ideal for oral sex, protecting against STDs without that nasty latex taste and smell. More importantly, using condoms during oral sex is the best way to protect yourself against sexually transmitted infections (STIs).3

From fruity flavours such as strawberry and bananas to whackier flavours such as bacon (????!!!), we’ve rounded up our favourite flavours in our Edison pack here!

4. Female condoms

Female condoms have been around for a while now but most of us are still not quite sure how it really works. 

A female condom is like a pre-lubricated pouch made from polyurethane or synthetic latex. Just like your regular condoms, they are effective at preventing unintended pregnancies and STIs. 

To use, it has to be inserted into the vagina before sex. The female condom doesn’t require an erection for use, unlike the male condom. Some people find that after sufficient foreplay, stopping to find, open or wear a condom can kill the mood - female condoms can remove this displeasurable experience as they can be inserted up to 8 hours before having sex! (Are you thinking what I’m thinking? 😉) 


5. Textured/ribbed

Textured or ribbed condoms have little raised ridges running around them in strategic spots to create an additional sensation for both you and your partner. If you can’t feel anything when you wear a standard condom, textured or ribbed condoms can provide you with the extra texture that can lead to greater friction and enjoyment.

If you’re interested to try this one for size, our Charlotte and Alexander packs have tattoo-inspired styles that are best suited for the Asian fit. These are the first condoms in the world created with tattoo-inspired textures for increased pleasure and an easy-rolling flared shape for added comfort. Talk about a multi-purpose condom!

6. Vegan

Who knew condoms WEREN’T even vegan? You might think that since condoms are made from natural rubber latex, they don’t contain animal byproducts. Well, you thought wrong! 

Some condoms are processed using casein, a milk-derived protein, while others are made from lamb intestines (see #1). Luckily for vegans, there are vegan condoms available too. Made of materials such as polyisoprene, these are suitable alternatives for players who suffer from latex allergies. 

For the rest of us, maybe this is one vegan “meal” we’ll be down to explore.

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7. Novelty

Just look at some of these unique designs!

Established in 1987, Condomerie is the world’s first specialty condom shop with an extensive range of novelty condoms in all shapes, sizes, and colours. If you’re looking for hand-painted condoms or want to dress up to look like the Statue of Liberty or a cute elephant, this is the place for you!

Note: These condoms are strictly only for decorative and novelty purposes and are not intended for use in preventing pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections. Nonetheless, they are a great conversation-starter for your intimate moments.

BONUS: Peel-away/tin condoms

Though these condoms are regular in size and material, we wanted to highlight their unique packaging: peel away lids in tin containers.


Source: Lovability Inc and Maude (L-R)

Instead of your usual plastic wrappers, these condoms come in shallow containers so you’ll always know which is the right side up and you’ll never have to worry if your condom has been punctured accidentally. No more messing it up and having to take out another one (or worse, putting them on the wrong way then flipping them over and putting them on again, which can pose a risk for STIs).

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