Sex: Pleasure or Responsibility?

This article is a follow-up from our Instagram Stories poll! We gathered a list of “terms” and asked YOU to decide if the terms defined “sex” as an act of pleasure or responsibility. Here are your results:

1. Achieving orgasm during sex


83% of you decided that achieving orgasm during sex was straight up an act of pleasure and we couldn’t agree more!

On a surface level, most people may correlate “good sex” with having achieved orgasm, and they’re not wrong. There are many health benefits to orgasms, such as combating stress, strengthening your immune system or simply giving you a glowing complexion afterwards.

Even if you don’t achieve an orgasm, you can also gain greater intimacy and insight about each other.


2. Using protection


Even if you don’t necessarily use a condom during your sexy time, you can’t deny the benefits of using a condom!  A condom is the simplest and preferred method of contraception for Singaporeans1 as it protects you from unwanted pregnancies and STDs/STIs. We truly STAN the benefits of this little rubber hero and we can’t stress the importance of using protection!


3. Mutual consent


No, this is not a “new thing” that only recently became a popular topic of discussion.

In the past, this issue wasn’t discussed as much and not many people saw the importance of getting explicit agreement from their partner.

Thankfully, with more education and people understanding their rights, you can happily engage in sexual intimacy with whoever you want as long as a mutual agreement has been reached. It’s only the responsible thing to do and for this advancement, we’ll like to make a toast and rejoice!


4. Purpose of procreation


We understand for long-term stable couples, the idea of procreation can be a happy and pleasurable occasion. However, for those who are not yet ready to be a parent, the thought of having a mini-you can feel like being in a horror movie. Hence, quell those fears and use a rubber! If you’re bored of the usual Durex condoms, check out our recommendations here!


From left to right: Glow condom before and after!

5. Sharing intimacy


Intimacy is important because we are all social creatures that thrive on having close interpersonal relationships2. In most relationships, intimacy can occur in four forms:

  • Experiential intimacy: when two people engage in similar leisure activities such as cycling, going to the movies etc
  • Emotional intimacy: the act of sharing secrets, even one’s most uncomfortable moments, with each other, and feeling safe in doing so
  • Intellectual intimacy: happens when two partners feel comfortable to share their opinions and ideas even when they have disagreements with each other
  • Sexual intimacy: the engagement of sexual or sensual acts

65% of respondents voted that intimacy is an act of pleasure as compared to an act of responsibility and this is expected because intimacy is only achievable with the growing feeling of comfort in each other’s companionship.

If you don’t feel comfortable with your partner in your relationship, you may want to consider working on this to improve your intimacy.


No matter the forms of sexual relations you want to build with your partner, the key takeaway is to have fun together. By having fun, these responsibilities won’t feel like responsibilities and your sex will become more pleasurable.

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